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Three-Click Scheduling

Easily create predefined therapy services and invite clients with just three clicks. Alternatively, you can let clients book their own appointments directly from your website.

Automated reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve client satisfaction with automated SMS and email reminders.

Universal Calendar Sync

Securely subscribe to your Konfidens calendar from any calendar app, such as Outlook, Google, or Apple, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Powerful settings for availability and overview

Recognizing the diverse working styles of therapists, Konfidens is crafted to accommodate almost any working arrangement. Whether it's full-time, part-time, in-person, digital, or a blend of these, Konfidens has you covered.

Customizable Work Hours and Time Blocks
Set your available days and hours for work. Fine-tune your schedule by blocking off specific dates and times to the minute.

Personalized Schedules for Every Therapist
In clinics with multiple therapists, each individual can tailor their own schedule, availability, and the therapy services they offer.

Four Calendar Views for Optimal Planning
Choose from four different calendar views – day, work week, week, and month – to get the big picture or focus on the details.

Color Coding for Quick Reference
Quickly distinguish between different types of appointments with customizable color coding.

Seamless Integration with Client Records
Easily switch from the calendar to detailed client records with just a click.

Streamline Your Practice with Customizable Therapy Services

Effortlessly manage your treatment offerings by creating tailored services. Customize key aspects like duration, breaks between sessions, and location to fit your needs.

Full Flexibility in Settings
Gain the flexibility to modify default settings for any specific appointment, ensuring you have complete control when required.

Adaptive Pricing Options
Konfidens enables dynamic pricing, allowing you to adjust charges based on the time of day and the day of the week.

Integrated Video Call Feature
Easily decide whether a therapy service is conducted via video or in-person. For digital sessions, Konfidens automatically sets up a secure video room and invites the client. Need to switch an in-person meeting to a video call at the last minute? It's as easy as flipping a switch.

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Svein G.
Clinical psychologist
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"I’m super happy and recommend you to everyone!"

Håkon T.
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"We love Konfidens! No doubt the best and easiest system to set up. Keep up the good work 👏"

Thomas K.
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"Intuitive user experience, simple administration, tailored for (and by) psychologists."

Daniel S.
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“I’ve tried a lot of different EHR systems, but yours is the best”

Trine G.
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"It’s the most beautiful EHR system I’ve seen. I love the entire system!"

Jonas S.
Clinical Psychologist
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"Konfidens is the best journal system I've used so far; it's easy to use, has all the features I need and, not least, beautiful design."