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Empower your clients and therapists with the best practice management system for mental healthcare. Get complete control as a manager and save hours by automating tedious tasks.

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The future of mental healthcare is digital

A complete client CRM

Store all client records in a secure and centralised system. Keep track of every interaction. Write and securely store session notes and files.

Empower your therapists

Every therapist in your clinic will get a personal login and an easy-to-use client list, secure session notes, calendar, reminders, video calls and more.

Flexible booking solution

Powerful calendar features to manage appointments and online booking. Appointments are seamlessly integrated with the client records, notes and payments.

For clinics of all sizes

Konfidens comes packed with smart features for mental healthcare clinics of all sizes to minimise their administration, enable the therapists and improve the clients’ experience.

Manage therapists

Konfidens will scale with your clinic. As a manager you can easily add or remove therapists as needed from your clinic settings.

Delegate administrator access

Multiple people in the administration? No problem! Simply promote users to administrators to give them access to manage the clinic.

Streamline client payments

Never chase an invoice again! Konfidens comes with an integrated and fully automated payment system. This feature automates invoicing, efficiently manages outstanding payments, and supports price variations for weekends and evenings. Clients have the flexibility to pay using various methods, including all major debit and credit cards.

Manage your clinics therapy services

Create therapy services with pre-defined settings to standardize practices for all therapists at your clinic. These settings include session duration, intervals between sessions, pricing, location options (either in-person or via video), and customized reminder settings, among many other aspects. Every default setting can be overridden for individual appointments when necessary.

Powerful features for collaboration and scheduling

Scheduling and online booking

Invite clients or let them self refer directly from your website. Konfidens online booking solution is the only online booking solution tailored for the needs in mental healthcare and supports a wide range of work arrangements. Read more here.

Automated reminders

Provide a consistent and high-quality service to your clients by automating repeat tasks such as sending confirmations and reminders. Choose between sending reminders via SMS, email or both.

See the availability of all therapists

Get live insights into which therapists are fully booked and who has available time at a glance.

Transfer or share clients

Therapists in the clinic can share access to specific clients with other therapists in the clinic or transfer the client entirely to another therapist. This is useful for a variety of use cases:

  • Have a screening team take initial calls with clients and then assign them over to the appropriate therapist.
  • Let therapists in training share access to their clients and session notes with their supervisor.
  • Allow two or more therapists to work together on a client.

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"Everything I hoped it would be and more!"

Tom B.
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"Konfidens reduces the time we spend on administration by 80 to 90 percent!"

Håkon T.
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"We love Konfidens! No doubt the best and easiest system to set up. Keep up the good work 👏"

Thomas K.
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"Intuitive user experience, simple administration, tailored for (and by) psychologists."

Jonas S.
Clinical Psychologist
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"Konfidens is the best journal system I've used so far; it's easy to use, has all the features I need and, not least, beautiful design."

Svein G.
Clinical psychologist
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"I’m super happy and recommend you to everyone!"

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