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Integrate a beautiful self-service booking solution on your website. Your clients will love the flexibility and you will reduce your administration and boost your profitability.

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Effortless Appointment Management

Optimized for Mobile

55% of all web traffic is coming from mobile devices. That’s why we’ve carefully designed a “mobile first” booking experience.

Enhanced Client Experience

Provide a seamless booking experience for your clients. They can choose and book appointments at their convenience, improving satisfaction and engagement.

Tailored for Therapy

Designed from the ground together with professional therapists to support the specific needs of mental healthcare.

Supports any type of work arrangement

Konfidens online booking solution is the only online booking solution tailored for the use in mental healthcare. We’ve carefully designed our booking solution from the ground up in close collaboration with psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors to ensure we support the wide variety of work situations out there.

Allow all clients to find and book their therapist of choice based on their availability and treatment types

Perfect if you want to minimise manual administration as much as possible and providing clients with the maximum amount of freedom.

Limit new clients to self-refer for an initial screening call

Some clinics prefer to screen new clients before assigning them to a certain therapist. This is elegantly handled by Konfidens. Set up our flexible online booking solution to only allow new clients to choose the screening call when self-referring and choose which therapists in your clinic that provide these sessions. After the screening is completed and the initial client details are recorded in the system, the client can easily be transferred to another therapist in the clinic.

You can even limit new clients to self-refer for a screening call while allowing repeat clients the freedom to book their current therapist themselves through the patient portal. Konfidens also offers a fully secure and integrated video call feature that can be useful for screening calls or providing online therapy.

Reserve online booking for clients currently enrolled in treatment

Of course, you can also reserve online booking for enrolled clients only and direct new clients to get in touch with you in any other form you prefer.

The Revolutionary Time Magnet™

Typical booking systems let clients choose any open slot, often leading to inconvenient gaps in your day. This not only limits the number of patients you can see but also impacts your income. To address this, we've introduced a game-changing solution: the “Time Magnet”. This advanced feature employs a smart algorithm to offer clients a curated selection of appointment times. This strategic approach ensures your schedule is maximised for efficiency and productivity, ultimately saving you time and boosting your earnings.

The Feature That Pays for Itself

With your schedule optimised, you'll find yourself able to accommodate more clients each month. In fact, after just one additional client appointment, you'll have covered the cost of Konfidens for the entire month. This makes it not just a smart scheduling tool, but an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Loved by therapists everywhere

Loved by fellow therapists

Jonas S.
Clinical Psychologist
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"Konfidens is the best journal system I've used so far; it's easy to use, has all the features I need and, not least, beautiful design."

Svein G.
Clinical psychologist
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"I’m super happy and recommend you to everyone!"

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"Everything I hoped it would be and more!"

Håkon T.
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"We love Konfidens! No doubt the best and easiest system to set up. Keep up the good work 👏"

Thomas K.
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"Intuitive user experience, simple administration, tailored for (and by) psychologists."

Trine G.
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"It’s the most beautiful EHR system I’ve seen. I love the entire system!"

Designed for Mental Healthcare Professionals


Streamline your psychology practice with online booking, enabling more time for client-focused therapy and research, enhancing your professional efficiency.


Elevate your psychotherapy sessions by providing clients with a hassle-free booking experience, reflecting the dedicated care and attention integral to their mental well-being.


Enhance your counselling services with flexible scheduling options, accommodating the diverse needs of your clients and strengthening the therapeutic relationship.