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Our fully integrated payment system revolutionises client payments. Automatically invoice and follow-up with clients. Real-time insight into every transaction. Works with any accounting system.

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Never chase an invoice again

Zero clicks needed

Clients automatically receive a payment link via SMS. The system will automatically follow-up on overdue invoices. Enjoy hassle-free weekly payouts.

Full insight, directly from Konfidens

Track every transaction as it happens, in real time. Gain deeper understanding with insightful reports, all readily accessible from one unified platform.

Superior customer experience

Clients enjoy the flexibility to pay directly from their phones, selecting from a wide array of payment methods. Say goodbye to the need for bulky card readers and cash registers.

Effortless – both for client and therapist

Enhance the payment experience for your clients with Konfidens Pay. It offers a straightforward way for clients to settle their fees using a debit card or various other methods, all from the convenience of their phone. They'll also enjoy complete access to their payment history and receipts through the client portal, ensuring transparency and ease of access.

By enabling the automatic mode in Konfidens Pay, you can streamline the entire payment process. Payment links are effortlessly sent to clients via SMS, making manual requests a thing of the past. Should a payment be missed, Konfidens Pay automatically takes charge by following up on the claim and keeping all payment statuses meticulously updated in real time within the system. It's also designed to be flexible, accommodating different rates for evenings and weekends without any extra hassle.

Transform your payment process by setting it on autopilot with Konfidens Pay – start simplifying your sessions today.

Focus on therapy, not on taking payments

Many therapists have grown accustomed to using a card terminal, yet for clients, concluding a session with a financial transaction can often detract from the therapeutic environment, turning moments of understanding and empathy into transactions. Konfidens offers a solution that seamlessly integrates the payment process, giving you the freedom to choose whether payment details are shared with clients before or after their session. This approach ensures that your sessions remain focused on therapy, not on administrative tasks or payments, fostering a more connected and uninterrupted therapeutic experience.

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Daniel S.
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“I’ve tried a lot of different EHR systems, but yours is the best”

Svein G.
Clinical psychologist
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"I’m super happy and recommend you to everyone!"

Trine G.
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"It’s the most beautiful EHR system I’ve seen. I love the entire system!"

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"Everything I hoped it would be and more!"

Thomas K.
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"Intuitive user experience, simple administration, tailored for (and by) psychologists."

Tom B.
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"Konfidens reduces the time we spend on administration by 80 to 90 percent!"

Streamline payments in your mental health practice


Our payment system simplifies billing, freeing psychologists to concentrate on patient care. It integrates effortlessly with your accounting tools, enhancing practice efficiency.


Psychotherapists benefit from our platform's ease of payment and detailed financial reporting, ensuring smooth client transactions and a clear financial health snapshot.


Designed for counsellors, our system streamlines payment management, allowing for more focused client support. Automatic reminders and broad accounting compatibility make financial tasks hassle-free.