Automate Client Communication

Reduce no-shows and improve client satisfaction with automated confirmation and reminder messages. Choose between SMS, email or both. The smart reminder feature will keep your clients in the loop as well as saving you both time and money.

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Never Miss a Session Again

Automated reminders

Minimize missed appointments with timely reminders. This not only improves your practice's efficiency but also supports your clients’ commitment to their mental health journey.

Appointment Scheduling

Give your clients the convenience of self-booking, saving you hours over manual methods. Both you and your clients get notified instantly when a new appointment is scheduled – all done automatically!

Hassle-Free Payments

Taking payments with Konfidens requires zero clicks on your part. You read that right. Zero. The system will automatically invoice clients and send them friendly reminders for due dates. Plus, clients have a variety of online payment methods to choose from.

Reduce no-shows by 41%

Missed appointments is a big problem for healthcare workers worldwide. Reducing missed appointments rates improves efficiency of health services and even health outcomes for clients! For this reason, a significant amount of research has been dedicated to find out how the number of no-shows can be reduced. A review of several studies has found that patient reminders on average provides a 41% reduction in missed appointments.

With Konfidens you can turn on automated booking confirmations and appointment reminders with the click of a button and start saving both time and money.

Customise appointments for each therapy service
Create custom reminder settings for each service your practice or clinic provides.

Override default settings when needed
Of course, you can also change the default reminder settings for specific appointments as needed.

Seamlessly integrated with the practice management platform

Konfidens offers great standalone features, but together they shine. It syncs appointments with client lists, sends reminders, integrates video calls, and automates payments. For therapists and managers, it's a one-stop platform that simplifies everything.

Scheduling Made Easy: Our sleek, secure calendar gives you a full view of all appointments. Clients can book directly through your website using our self-service option. Therapists can tailor their availability and hours, while clinic managers and admins get a clear picture of everyone's schedules.

Streamlined Payments: Konfidens boasts a user-friendly, automated payment system, unique in EHR. It handles varied fees for evenings and weekends, sends invoices automatically, and reminds clients about payments effortlessly.

Efficient Session Notes: Speed up your note-taking with customizable templates, keyboard shortcuts, and auto-filled client details. All your notes are securely saved in real time to the cloud.

Integrated Video Calls: Forget the hassle of separate video call apps and sending links manually. Konfidens includes secure, built-in video calling.

These are just a few of the standout features in Konfidens. Sign up for a free account to explore more, or contact us with any questions.

Loved by therapists everywhere

Tom B.
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"Konfidens reduces the time we spend on administration by 80 to 90 percent!"

Svein G.
Clinical psychologist
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"I’m super happy and recommend you to everyone!"

Håkon T.
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"We love Konfidens! No doubt the best and easiest system to set up. Keep up the good work 👏"

Thomas K.
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"Intuitive user experience, simple administration, tailored for (and by) psychologists."

Trine G.
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"It’s the most beautiful EHR system I’ve seen. I love the entire system!"

Jonas S.
Clinical Psychologist
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"Konfidens is the best journal system I've used so far; it's easy to use, has all the features I need and, not least, beautiful design."

Tailored for Mental Healthcare Professionals

For Psychologists

Konfidens makes scheduling and reminders seamless, allowing you to focus more on clinical work and less on administrative tasks.

For Psychotherapists

Enhance client engagement with personalised, automated reminders, fostering a consistent and supportive therapeutic environment.

For Counsellors

Streamline your counselling practice with efficient scheduling tools, giving you more time to focus on providing empathetic and effective counselling.