Let's fight the worlds
biggest health crisis

We build a global mental healthcare ecosystem – connecting therapists, patients and innovators. Konfidens gathers therapists in a common digital infrastructure to improve access to high quality mental healthcare and accelerate the diffusion of new treatment innovations.

The societal cost of
depression and anxiety alone.
of the world population
suffers from a mental illness.
leave treatment without
a measured benefit.
1 million+
psychologists world-wide.
350 thousand in Europe.
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First things first

Let’s just be brutally honest: How on earth should a therapist, still working on pen and paper, start using cutting edge treatment technology? To push the frontiers of mental healthcare forward, we need to start with the basics: by getting the therapists online. We know, it doesn’t sound very sexy – but it’s a crucial first step.

The problem

Mental health is the disease category with the highest societal cost. Yet, on average less than 2% of health care budgets are dedicated to mental health (WHO, 2022). Even worse, treatment effectiveness has not improved for over 40 years (Rousmaniere, T., 2016). It's time we pick up the glove.

Global health

Our solution

Konfidens provides mental healthcare professionals with a tailored suite of tools to digitise their practice. All the basic necessities, such as secure session notes, scheduling, online booking, telehealth and payment, is combined in a seamless and super user-friendly SaaS platform.

Taking care of core business provides a framework for a digital ecosystem around mental healthcare professionals. Konfidens provides access to data on therapists specialities, availability, prices and allows new innovations to be seamlessly integrated into their existing workflow.

We match clients with therapists and provide scalable access to mental healthcare for people, insurers and organisations.

Konfidens integrations

Key features

Konfidens is built for scale. Here are a few key attributes of our business model. Get in touch for more details, pitch deck and investment opportunities.

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PLG strategy with self-serve signup and monthly recurring revenue from subscriptions.

Unique value proposition

Konfidens is one of the only solutions tailored specifically for mental healthcare practitioners.


Connecting clients, insurers and organisations with available therapists. It's a win-win!

Highly scaleable

Coherent legislation and no country-specific integrations allows for rapid growth.